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What is Ninjutsu? 

“Ninjutsu” is the English, or more rather, the Hollywood given name to the arts used by the Ninja or “Shinobi”. Here at Tonbo Dojo, we use the word “Ninjutsu” as it is more commonly known than the formal name of the art “Ninpo Taijutsu”. Ninpo, and Taijutsu; These are the correct names for the combat arts of the Ninja. Ninjutsu and Ninpo Taijutsu are not bits and pieces of different arts, but rather a whole and complete art containing many families. It is ever evolving and growing, but traditional in that many of the disciplines date back to Japan’s Feudal times.

What  is  Jujutsu?

“Jujutsu” is an art that places emphasis more on throwing, immobilizing, pinning, joint-locking, choking, and strangling techniques rather than striking techniques, as the Samurai armor protected against many striking techniques.
What is Kenjutsu?

“Kenjutsu” is the art of sword techniques. Here at Tonbodojo, our Kenjutsu (sword class) curriculum is made up of several Japanese sword styles including “Batto no Jutsu Ken dai Ken” (drawn sword vs sword techniques), “Iaido” (a Kata based art), “Iaijutsu Ken dai Ken” (drawing the sword vs sword), and sword sparing (similar to “Kendo”).

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