Renshi Brewer 

The head instructor and owner of Tonbo Dojo is Renshi David Brewer, who is a life long student of Kyohsi Randy Weekly of the Ninpiden Dojo and founder of the NINMAA organization.

Dai Sempi Mark  

Sr. Assistant Instructor of the Tonbo Dojo, Dai Sempi Mark A. Hundon. 

With a long family history that ties to various Martial Arts, Dai Sempi Mark offers a unique and adaptive technique to Ninpo and the Tonbo Dojo.

As a practicing Ninja at the Tonbo Dojo for a half of a decade, Dai Sempi Mark has helped shape the Tonbo Dojo in refining its curriculum to offer many aspects of traditional "old-school" Ninpo training in our modern times. 

Dai Sempi Sam  

Sr. Assistant Instructor of the Tonbo Dojo, Dai Sempi Sam A. McKenzie. 

Having a background primarily in Taekwondo, Dai Sempi Sam is a life student in all aspects of Martial Arts.  Dai Sempi Sam exercises his honesty, interest and effort through not only his activities at the Tonbo Dojo but also through his many volunteer efforts throughout the Colorado Denver community. 

His spirited enthusiasm and character are reflected in all the students he teaches at the Tonbo Dojo.  These qualities certainly show when teaching our youngest members respect, honor and how fun it is to be Ninja. 

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